Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Up for a Challenge?

Hello Everyone,

What a fun day! The highlight for me was definitely our social studies activity. I was so proud of the way you handled yourselves and how eager all of you were to participate. Your daily challenge tonight,is to summarize the activity that we did in class today. Don't forget to highlight some of the things that you have learned from this activity and to talk about what everything represented in the game (e.g. puzzle pieces, teams etc..). You may also reflect on different challenges that you faced as a group (stock market crash, flood, giving money to the government etc.) You also can give real life examples that are happening in our world now (e.g. talk about other countries or problems in the world etc.).

See you tomorrow! Don't forget to log those reading minutes (agenda calendar). Remember,  I am looking for you to be reading at home at least four nights a week.

The top five readers tonight, might just get something......signatures perhaps? How many? You'll find out tomorrow :)

Have a WONDERFUL night!

See you in the morning,

Mrs. Breau


  1. Would you say that summarizing is a paragraph or a page

  2. I learned when business seems to be going well and then the stocks suddenly goes down, then it gets much harder to make money, compared to when stocks are high. My group was successful the first time in building our puzzle and having a lot of money. The second time, it was much harder because our stocks were low and we had to pay for floods and taxes, it was then harder to make deals because people wanted their own business to be successful rather than helping others. They either sold for high prices or wouldn’t sell at all. That’s why only one group succeeded because their stock stayed high.

  3. I personally thought that each country had different advantages and disadvantages because some of the country's set there prices for resources high and some set them low. I found that on the second round when we had the flood, taxes exc. that it made it more challenging because then we lost money and we were running out of time. I also found it hard that some people won't Negotiate Prices and deals. I think that this game relates to tha world because some country's need more money so they put there prices up and some spend more money because they don't have a lot of resources. Also that some teams succeed and some don't.

  4. I learned that each country has its struggles the first we were successful like everyone else, but the second time it became more realistic and a struggle. The second time was harder because not only did we have to pay the government and for the flood we had to decrease out price by $2,000,000, witch almost made our group lose. money and pieces. It related to the world in many ways, like how some country's go bankrupt and others are very rich, in another way some country's recorded cost more than others. I think we all leared that every country has its struggles and advantages and of course disadvantages. The second round was harder because of the flood and taxes etc. And it also made it harder because almoat no team was willing to negotiate. But in the end we were all successful at least once

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  6. Hey Keifer, A paragraph is fine. Can be done as a comment or paper. Your choice :)

  7. I leand that you can lose money fast and get money fast (at the end).the seconed round was way more hard but more rellistic with the flood exc.I thought this was alot of fun. My first group we did awsome we ran in to no problems on the other side the seconed group we did not finish and we ran in to a lot of problems with money\resources.

    thaks mrs,Breau

  8. What I learned was when people had less resources/puzzle pieces they would put the price higher like 2 million or 3 million but when the flood happened every body was trying to get resource so then they could get more resources for less like Walmart and it was hard cause every body didn't have enough money to buy resources when they have nothing to trade or sell and that is why we didn't succeed in the last game because of are resource collector. some people were also trying to be the richest they would trade and sell but they would never buy because it's not just about having the most resource it's also who had the most money at the end and Daniels group was the most successful the first round cause they had all there resources first and had the most money. It was really fun

    Thanks Mrs.Breau

  9. Mrs.Breau,
    Today I learned that the first round was a little easier then the second round because when you made us pay for our taxes and the flood we were running low on money.Before we could trade or do anything at the beginning of the game we had a strategy that we would pick our jobs then start the puzzle after the jobs were picked. Personally I felt a lot more organized picking the jobs first. I learned when we have to pay for natural disasters you have to work to get the money back. I also learned that when other countries want more money they go around selling their resources. I can relate to other groups when they were running low on money and what they had to do to get more money back. What I found frustrating was that people sold their resources for money even though they had 3 resources at the time and were selling it for 6 million dollars. This really reminded of the things like this that other countries are going threw.
    I still considered this a SUPER fun game!!!!
    I hope we will have another chance to play it again!