Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Agenda Items, Blueprint Challenge AND Math Review

Good afternoon, 
Below is an OPTIONAL small number review. You have the week to complete it. We will also be doing a review in class on Thursday and Friday to prepare for Tuesday's small numbers test. 

Agenda items:
Book Fair on Wednesday and Thursday
Country presentations will begin next Tuesday- We still have this week to complete presentations - research should be wrapping up at this point. Students have been conferencing over the past several days and have received feedback on their projects
Math Test- Tuesday October 11th 
READING LOGS completed
DAILY CHALLENGE- Please show your parents "My Blueprint." Show them the new boxes that you created today. Have them leave a comment on the blog or write a note in your agenda saying that they saw it to receive signatures :)

     Small Number Review
    1.     In the number 73.765 which digit is in the:
     a)  tens place _________                                d) tenths place ____________
b   b) ones place _________                                e)  hundredths place  ___________
     c) thousandths place __________
    2.  Complete the chart below 
Mixed Numbers/ Fractions
      12. 32



five and three hundredths

300 + 90 + 3+ .01 + .009

20 000 + 70 + 0.6 + .004



two million seventy thousand and sixty eight hundredths 

            3. Which decimal is greater?
              a) 2.03 or 2.4            b) 0.526 or 1.004     c) 5.7 or  3.99          d) 0.403  or  0.067

           4. Order these decimal numbers from least to greatest. 
             a)  2.108 ,   0.053,  0.872,     1.096
             b) 2.085 , 2.008 , 3.004, 2. 805 
             c)  2.4 ,  2.34,   0.27,  2.347,  2.7 

             5. Round each decimal to the nearest hundredth.
        a) 0.526                b) 0.078                  c) 3.006                d) 0.896
            6. Round each number to the nearest tenth.

          a) 0.72             b) 2.462               c)  1.073             d) 0.98
             7. Write three decimal numbers that would fall in between 2.67 and 2.8


  1. Hello! it is Alison, Abby's Mom. I reviewed the blueprint and it is interesting! great idea..... Abby is working on her project a lot with Katie... progress is good. have a great night.

  2. Blueprint is a really neat concept, really like how the badges work!
    First month was great, looking forward to all the exciting things to come!!

  3. I think the blue print is a great idea. It seems to keep them interested in setting goals and following though on them.

  4. Blueprint is a great idea. The badges are a nice idea to keep them motivated! - Lisa

  5. I love this idea. To have your goals written out so you can see them, makes it easier to keep on track and achieve them. Scott