Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Simile Daily Challenge

Today we were looking at different types of figurative language to support your upcoming narrative writing. For your daily challenge tonight, you need to fill in the blanks to complete the similes.

To refresh your memory, a simile is a comparison of two things using "like" or "as".

For example: as shiny as ___________
as shiny as a penny

1. As hot as ___________
2. As bright as ___________
3. eats like _____________
4.  hard as ____________
5. soft as _____________
6. busy as a _____________
7. fights like _____________
8. beautiful like _____________

Have a great night! Good luck tomorrow volleyball players :)



  1. - as hot as fire
    -as bright as the sun
    -eats like a pig
    -hard as steel
    -soft as a feather
    -busy as a bee
    -fights like a champ
    -beautiful like a flower

  2. The answer for the question is:
    1. As hot as fire
    2.As bright as the sun
    3.Eats like a pig
    4.As hard as rock
    5.As soft as a feather
    6.As busy as a bee
    7.Fights like a champ
    8. Beautiful like a flower

  3. Hi guys it is Christian I will be away today