Thursday, November 3, 2016

Data Management Review

Good Evening Everyone,
Below is some extra review questions for our upcoming math test, which is scheduled for Monday November 7th. We will also be completing a review in class tomorrow and taking up the answers on Monday.

Good Luck! You are able to use a calculator for any of the questions.

1. The weekly salaries of six employees at McDonalds are $140, $220, $90, $180, $140, $200. For these six salaries, find: (a) the mean (b) the median (c) the mode 

2. Andy has grades of 84, 65, and 76 on three math tests.  What grade must he obtain on the next test to have an average of exactly 80 for the four tests?

3. Test scores for a class of 20 students are as follows:
93, 84, 97, 98, 100, 78, 86, 100, 85, 92, 72, 55, 91, 90, 75, 94, 83, 60, 81, 95 

4.  Complete the tally chart to represent the data above.
What is the mean test score?

What is the median? 

5. Do the scatter plots below show positve, negative or no correlation?  
Image result for Scatter plot no correlation
Image result for Scatter plot no correlation

 6. Using the graph below draw some conclusions about the data.

7. Create a scatter plot using the data below. 

   * Hint put hours slept on horizonatal axis and math scores on vertical axis  


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