Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Hi Everyone,
 A quick update and a DAILY CHALLENGE :)

Math- We are finishing up data management and will have a test on Monday- Review will be Friday- and some extra review stuff will be posted on the blog

Reading- We finished our first novel Word Nerd today- we will be doing some characterization and responses over the next couple of days - Be sure to get reading time in this week :)

Social Studies- Test are coming home today- with an exception of people who had to rewrite certain sections or haven't completed the test yet - Please sign and return

Science- We are starting our unit on biodiversity this week- We will be looking at the classification system of living things and doing some outdoor exploration - more info on this to follow

Drama- You should see the tableau performances they are BEAUTIFUL. Some groups are interested in performing for the Remembrance Day Assembly - if you are able, please come and see it :) Performers, if you could please dress in black. We will supply a poppy.

Group 1 - Alex, Bobbi,Ashley, Rebecca, Katie, Maddy, Lindsay, Camryn, Sarah, Abby
Will be performing at the 9:30 a.m. assembly for the primary division

Group 2- Daniel, Kiefer, Tristan, Reilly, Mitchell, Christian, Garrett, Reid, Jalen
Will be performing at the  junior/intermediate assembly at 10:20 a.m.

AND NOW.............the Daily Challenge!!! Actually, there is two tonight. Do both if you want to.

a) Write a descriptive paragraph describing an emotion of a character. You can NOT name the emotion, but need to communicate it through words and the five senses. Don't forget those figurative language terms that we have been using in class. (Here are some examples of some of emotions that you may use - fear, sadness, surprise, joy etc.)

b)  Solve the following math problem.

Sue is a member of the starting line up of a school's hockey team. The heights of the other starting

153 cm, 145 cm, 150 cm, 161 cm,

The mean height of the starting line up is 152. What is Sue's height?


  1. I have an army hat can i wear it to the remembrance day assembly?

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  4. mrs. breau i think you forgot Abby and Sarah