Thursday, January 12, 2017

Commercial Assignment

Hi Everyone,

Menu and Cooking Assignment - Due January 16th
Holiday Recount- Due January 16th
Media-Commercial Assignment - Due January 24th

Today we started our media unit and looked at different advertising strategies that are used to get people to buy a product. One of the assignments in this unit, will require you to pick a commercial to show to the class. You will then have to critique the commercial using the format we did in class (see below).

Your commercial must be:
 appropriate for school
-selling a product

***Reading Challenge Tonight (if you don't have time tonight there will be another one next week. Make sure your parents sign your reading minutes :) *****

Product Name:
What is the overt message? (What is the obvious message?)

What is the implied message? (What is the hidden message?)

Who is the target audience?

What was appealing to you in this ad?  List and explain 3 things.
1. ________________________________________________________________
2.  ________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________

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