Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Measurement Review

Hi Everyone,
Here is a measurement review for you to work through. We will also being doing some review in class. Please complete review for Monday, December 18th. Our math test is rescheduled for Tuesday, December 19th, 2017.

Helpful Hints
Perimeter= add up all the sides of a shape
Area of a rectangle= Length x Width               
Area of a triangle= Base x Height ÷2
Area of a parallelogram= Base x Height
Volume of a rectangular prism= Length x Width x height
Volume of a triangular prism= Length x Width x Height ÷2
Surface area is the total area of all of the faces or surfaces - Remember this will be done in 3 different steps 

1. Select the most appropriate unit to measure each length or distance.
a) the thickness of a math text book
b) the thickness of your finger nail
c) the height of a maple tree
d) the lengths of the leaves of the tress 

2. Louise is in a video store. What items in the store, might be measured in these units?
a) millimetres         b) centimetres           c) metres           

3. Rename each measurement using the new unit. (mm, cm, dm, m, dam, hm. km)

a) 45.4 cm= ___________ m
b) 32 mm= ____________ dm
c) 453.2 g= ____________kg
d) 54 km= _____________cm
e) 2.145 cm=____________km
f) 321. 2 l= ___________kl 
g)32.2 mg= ___________g

4,  Find the area and perimeter of the irregular figures below. Show all your calculations and any formulas that you used.

5. Find the area of each of the 2-D shapes below.


 6. Nina made a sun catcher from a parallelogram with a base of 10 cm and a height of 5 cm. She wants to make another one with twice the area. What base and height could she use for the new parallelogram. List two possibilities.

7. Maria's family built a rink in their backyard last year. The rink was a 6 m by 7 m rectangle. This year they are helping build a rink at the school. This rink will be four times the area of their backyard rink. What are two possible dimensions of the new rink?

3-D Measurement

8. Calculate the volume and surface area of the prism below. Show all your work.


  1. Mrs breau when it says rename each measurements it says hm twice

  2. Good catch, Reilly! A signature for you tomorrow. It was suppose to be km. A typo :)