Friday, February 17, 2017

Geometry Review


     Happy Friday,
    Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend with your families. Please note that report cards did come home today. Each student had the opportunity to conference with me, and self-assess their learning skills.Through this process, students set some goals for next term both in learning skills and academics. Please sign and return both the report card and the student self assessment sheet.
      Again, thank you so much for all your support this term. Looking forward to term 2 :) 

     We will be completing a geometry review and doing some open ended problem solving on Tuesday. 
     Geometry Review

1     1. Measure and identify each angle as acute, obtuse, straight, right or reflex

        2. Construct the following angles using a ruler and protractor 

        a) 130°           b) 123°            c) 43°            d) 210°

       3. Identify the triangle by sides (equilateral, isosceles, scalene) AND by angle (acute, obtuse, right)

    4. Using a ruler and a protractor create the polygons below. Be sure to label all measurements and angles.
     a)    ∆ABC: Length AB= 8 cm, Length AC= 8 cm, Angle A = 37°. Label length BC. What is length BC? What type of triangle is ∆ABC?
    b)   ∆ABC: Length AB=6 cm, Angle A = 20°, Angle B = 140°
   c)    ∆XYZ: Length XY= 6 cm, Angle Y = 40° Angle X = 50° What is the size of angle Z? What type of triangle is XYZ?
   d)   Construct the quadrilateral TRUE in which TR = 3.5 cm, RU = 3 cm, UE = 4 cm, R = 75° and U =120°
   e)   Construct a parallelogram ABCD with sides AB = 4 cm and AD = 5 cm and angle A = 60˚
    f) Construct a rhombus with side lengths of 10 cm and angle measures of 40° and 140°

    Review the criteria for the quadrilaterals 

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