Thursday, March 2, 2017

Science Test Date Change and Daily Challenge

Good Evening Everyone,

What a CRAZY week! This has been a busy week for us with the science fair and our class trip to the science centre. Congratulations to all the science fair participants. Your projects were very well done and very interesting.

Agenda items:
- We have moved our space test to Wednesday, March 8th - See study checklist on the blog- All the students were provided with their own copy as well
***Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties today when doing our intro video to stars - We will be completing a PowerPoint on classifying stars on Monday ***
- Our alien day is scheduled for Thursday March 9th

Math- My apologizes for the delay in the geometry tests- the tests are marked and students were able to take a quick look today. They will be sent home early next week for signing
- We have begun our fraction unit - next week will be focusing on comparing and ordering fractions

Literacy- We have concluded our alien reports and will be moving into our persuasive writing unit after the march break
We will be starting our new novel "Fatty Legs" this book relates to our social studies unit and focuses on the topic of residential schools

Science -Our space unit will be wrapping this week and we will be moving back into social studies
focusing on Communities in Canada, Past and Present

Next week students will be preparing a mini inquiry about living in space - Each student will pick a simple question that they have about living in space (e.g. how do you brush your teeth?)  They will conduct some research in attempts to answer their question. They will then report their findings back to their peers

Daily Challenge

Reduce the following fractions to the lowest terms

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