Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekly Update

Here is a quick update about what is happening in our classroom this week

Math- Fractions- We are coming to the end of our fraction unit. This week our focus will be turning fractions into decimals and percentages. We will be doing practical problems involving discounted prices. We will be having our unit test the beginning of next week (tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 4th) - I will be posting a review later in the week. There will also be lots of extra practice this week available on the blog.

Literacy- Students are busy working on their persuasive writing topics- Tomorrow we will be developing our thesis statements- Students must have their topic, position and 3 reasons to support their point of view
-This week will be finding research to support our reasons
Reading - We are continue to work on responding to different text- this week students will be working with a poem called "The Husky Team" and answering questions through APE format

Social Studies- We have started our social studies unit "Canada Communities Past & Present" -We will be focusing on immigration to Canada and will be investigating push and pull factors - This week will be also exploring different communities

Visual Arts- We have started phase one of our sculptures - they are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you to the Lange family for supplying the wood

Here is some practice with adding and subtracting fractions. Please note the questions do not go in order. Please put answers in lowest terms. Any answers that are an improper fraction, please change to a mixed number.

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