Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Weekly Update & Math review

Weekly Update

Math- We will be having a math quiz on Friday, April 21st. It will be on ratios, unit rates and BEDMAS. Please see the review below and have it completed for Thursday
-Please sign and send back the fraction math test

Literacy- We have been preparing for our debates - Students will be give two more prep days and the first debate will be on Thursday  

Social Studies-We are working away on our inquiry projects. Students independently will be exploring a topic that interests them under the topic "Canada Past and Present" - students will be preparing a presentation to share with their peers

Agenda items:
Hands on Electricity Program - April 27th
Shave for the Brave - April 21st
Spring Carnival - April 25th
Jump Rope for Heart forms coming home today

***Important dates -The grade 6 students will be writing the EQAO assessment on May 30th, May 31st and June 1st ****

Math Review


Decide which is the better value based on the unit prices

. a) $25.00 for concert tickets for 2 people or $36.00 for concert tickets for 3 people.

b) $380 for a bus for 32 people or $420 for a bus for 38 people.

c) $4.25 for 4 L of milk or $2.55 for 2 L of milk.

d) 35 g of mixed nuts for $0.99 or 50 g of mixed nuts for $1.49.

 e) inline skate rentals at $30.00 for 4 hours or $54.00 for 7 hours.

 f) 1 L of pop for $0.90 or a case of 24 cans of 355 mL of pop for $4.25.

g) 500 sheets of paper for $9.45 or 4500 sheets of paper for $49.00.

h) 25 L of gas for $21.50 or 35 L of gas for $40.00.

C. Complete the equation below. Show all your work. Remember to follow BEDMAS


Make your own B.E.D.M.A.S. question using the numbers 1-9 and all the operations in B.E.D.M.A.S. The answer also has to be 7

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