Friday, November 3, 2017


Agenda Update

Reading Workshop- we are continuing to read and discuss the novel Wonder
**Remember, to bring those permission forms for the movie***

Writing Workshop- Draft copies of the Halloween narrative are due on Monday -We are going to be self editing, peer editing and conferencing about them this week

Science- We will be doing part 1 of our gallery walk in science on Monday -There will be NO more work time given in class 

Math- We will be starting our patterning unit this week

Daily Challenge

a) I am the seventh number in the following sequence of numbers: 1,4, 9, 16.....
What number am I?

b) I am the sixth in the following sequence of numbers: 1, 3, 7, 15.......
What number am I?

c) Edgar does sit-ups daily. On Monday, he did 20 sit ups. On Tuesday, he did 30. He did 50 sit ups on Wednesday and 90 on Thursday. If he continues this pattern, Edgar will do an impressive number of sit ups on Saturday. What number of sit ups will he do?

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