Monday, January 15, 2018


Alien Invasion

Using the knowledge you have of the Solar System, along with your creative ideas, you are going to create an alien from another planet. Depending on the characteristics and conditions of the planet, your alien must include special features and/or adaptions that will enable it to survive in such an environment.

-      Choose a planet in the solar system. You can also choose the moon or the sun.
-      Research and gather important information about your planet
-      Design at least 3 different features/adaptations that your alien would need to survive life on this planet (e.g. size, special glasses, fur, suction cup feet etc.)

The assignment will be divided into three components:

Creature Design: Using your knowledge of the planet, design a visual representation of your alien with at least 3 special features that will require to survive on the planet. The visual representation may be 2 or 3 dimensional. Your creature will go towards your visual art mark. Some supplies will be provided in class (e.g. Plasticine, pipe cleaners, googly eyes)

Written: Using the graphic organizer provided in class describe the characteristic of the planet and the adaptation/special feature that your alien has in order to survive the condition. Be sure to give detail. This organizer will then act as a template for the report. Please do NOT start the writing component until we cover it in class as it follows a specific format. Mini lessons will be provided for each section of the report

Differentiated Instructional Activity- see activity sheet provided- Students must choose one activity to complete. Put your creative juices to work to complete one of the following questions. You can present your information in any way that you choose. A list of ideas and possibilities has been provided. If you have a different idea of how you want to present your answer, check with your teacher to get approval.
1.     A Day in the Life of the Alien- Using your knowledge of the planet and your own ideas, describe/explain what a typical day would be like for your alien
2.     I’m Hungry!- what would your alien eat in a typical day? Plan the menu using your knowledge of the planet and your own ideas
3.    Home Sweet Home! Describe and demonstrate what the alien’s shelter would be like and support why using your knowledge of the planet
4.    Tennis Anyone! Describe/demonstrate a sport or activity that your animal many be involved in
Taxi! How would your alien get around? What might the modes of transportation be on your planet? 

You also have some flexibility to use your own idea. It needs to be approved by Mrs. Breau.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

Have fun,


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